PowerLung is Better Breathing

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PowerLung is an easy to use, hand-held product proven by independent clinical studies to increase lung capacity and improve your breathing so you can race faster, dive deeper, perform longer, exercise easier, and, overall, breathe better.

PowerLung is right for you whether your goal is to improve your competition edge, expand your performance range and projection, get more enjoyment from practice, workouts or weekend athletics, or simply enjoy afternoons with the kids.

PowerLung is for anyone who breathes. It does what exercises or other products can not do for your breathing muscles. You won’t believe the difference PowerLung can make for you, regardless of your current breathing condition, until you feel it for yourself.

How Does PowerLung Work?

Which PowerLung Model do I Choose?

PowerLung breathing exercises use strength training techniques to increase lung capacity. Use PowerLung to train your breathing muscles for greater flexibility, endurance, relaxation.Separate controls for inhale and exhale allow you to independently adjust and record your PowerLung settings for breathing training and breathing technique. Simply set up and use, while sitting or standing, for less than ten minutes a day to expand lung capacity with PowerLung.

PowerLung is also the only breathing product to be approached by schools and researchers who are interested in studying the benefits of our product.